About the Mariposa Biomass Project Group

The Mariposa Biomass Project is now a legal corporation in the State of California and is applying for 501 (c) (3) status with the IRS so that we can pursue grants for feasibility studies.

Our corporate officers are:
Chief Executive Officer: Jay Johnson
Chief Technical Officer: Steve Smallcombe
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Christina Oborn

Our current Directors are Jay Johnson, Steve Smallcombe, Christina Oborn, Barry Brouillette and Melinda Barrett.

Our teams:

Engineering: Jay Johnson, Max Lee
Fuel Reduction and Forest Management: John Schroeder, Gary Francisco, Russ Backhop and Al and Carlene Anderson
Science and Environmental Impact: Steve Smallcombe, Len McKenzie
Grants: Christina Oborn
U.C. Merced

Rosemarie Smallcombe, stepped back from her role as the project's chief facilitator as she assumed her responsibilities as District 1 Supervisor for Mariposa County.