Biomass/Biochar Links

Proposed biomass facility in Wilseyville, Calaveras County

Proposed biomass facility at Lake Tahoe

See here, here, and here as well

California Energy Commission on Biomass

Statewide Wood Energy Team

Sierra Nevada Conservancy on Bioenergy

USDA Announces Support for Renewable Biomass Energy

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center on biochar - here and here

Environment 360 on some of the potential uses for biochar

A video of biochar at a White House Science Fair. A very bright teenager meets the President!

Biochar International

Flux Farms on biochar as a soil amendment and for mitigating climate change

The Energy Collective on Today's Energy Panacea: Biochar

Biochar 101 on the Resilience website.

Sustainable biochar to mitigate global climate change

Download PDF of Evaluation of the Opportunities for Generating Carbon Offsets from Soil Sequestration of Biochar

Here is an important article about biochar in Nature. Nature is one the two most respected and widely read scientific journals (the other is Science) so this realistic discussion of biochar and its applications to agriculture and pollution control should significantly increase its visibility in the scientific world.